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Wedding Cupcakes

Freedom Bakery Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a fun way to offer variety without the hassle. See Our Menu for flavor selections. Below are some things to consider as you put on your sweet thinking cap :-)  

  • How meaningful is the classic cake cutting photo op to you? The classic photo op is where you are holding hands and cutting into the cake.  Cupcake Towers offer a great look, but they do not allow for a cake cutting photo op.  A cupcake tower is normally finished with a 6" cake on the top level. The location of the cake on the tower makes for an awkward cake cutting photo op.  It can also be wobbly since cupcake towers are normally supported by only one center post.  If a tower is a must have, consider serving each other cupcakes in lieu of a cutting ceremony. Another alternative is to use a 2 Stand Set Up where we have an 8" cake on a small stand next to it for presentation. 
  • Table set ups like image above is a much more flexible approach than cupcake towers.  A table spread set up also allows for a good cake cutting photo op.  An 8" or a 2 tier cake will typically work great with the set up.  
  • How stylized do you want the set up to be?  The main issue with the table set up is getting the necessary stands and platters to set up a table that you're envisioning.  White ceramics is what we and rental companies carry for the most part.  To achieve a more stylized look, you would likely need to purchase the stands.
  • If you want unique set ups, consider using props in addition to stands. You should view cupcakes as small decorative items to be placed on the table.  
  • Cupcake flavors show in presentation.  The main cupcake flavor is in the cream swirl, so the colors are going to show on the table.  For example, you will have brown color in the table presentation if you choose chocolate buttercream for a cupcake.
  • Most design embellishments (sugar flowers, dragees, pearl beads, etc.) are either not edible or do not taste good. For example, sugar flowers, despite its name, are not edible.  Unlike a cake where decorations are not served, cupcakes are a self serve set up, so everything on it should be edible since you don't want the guests to be biting into hard or not edible design elements.  It also doesn't make sense to be putting up a sign telling guests to remove these decoration elements.
  • We normally recommend going with 3 flavors so the guests are not overwhelmed by the choices.  It's not unusual for guests to have 2 cupcakes, but not many guests will have 3 or more!
  • We normally recommend 1.25 cupcakes per person as a starting point for how many cupcakes to have available.  From here, you can adjust up or down based on your overall feel for the guests and how long you want the cupcakes to be available.


Using our recommended 3 cupcake flavors and 1.25 cupcakes per guest.  Total cost will be $550 to $650 range for 100 guest wedding. 

  • $60 for 6" Buttercream Cake (for cupcake tower) or $95 for 8" cake (for table set up). 
  •  $406 for cupcakes with standard swirls/topping and no additional embellishments like white chocolate seashells or sugar flowers.  This price is 125 cupcakes divided evenly between 2 classic flavors and 1 specialty flavor.
  • $100 to $150 for delivery & set up.
  • Cupcake tower or settings (stands & platters for table set up) are not included

See page 2 of the Cake & Dessert Menu for flavors, prices and additional information.  


We offer white, chocolate and red velvet cupcakes with your choice of topping.  

  • Classic Buttercream: Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Mango, Chocolate, White Chocolate Cream Cheese Buttercream, White Chocolate Cream Cheese.
  • Specialty Flavors: Raspberry & Lemon Buttercream, Boston Cream Pie, Cookies & Cream, Raspberry & Amaretto Buttercream, Ganache & Peanut Buttercream, Latte Ganache & Chocolate Buttercream.